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Valenti says that pageantry talents are woven seamlessly into her classroom lesson.
“Many of the skills needed to succeed in the professional world are the same as those needed in the pageant world – confidence, poise, communication skills and the ability to think on your feet.” 
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Louisiana Laura.

by Laura Valenti on 01/24/13

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” ~Aristotle

I am incredibly honored to represent both my native state of Louisiana and a remarkable system, the International Pageants brand, as your Mrs. Louisiana International 2013!  The journey here has been met with perseverance, support, lots of love and humbleness.  I plan to share my story and reign in my Being Mrs. Louisiana International 2013 blog. 

WHO: I am an advocate of many causes I care about immensely, a dignitary for married women in their quest to balance love, life, and family, and a role model to young women around Louisiana representing that confidence, career and education can take you to all corners of your bucket list.

WHAT: I want to change the world.  Really, it’s true!  I have chosen a career (well, it truly chose me) where I make an impact on people every single day.  There are a few common denominators: I am positive. I am confident. I appreciate the abilities God allows me, and I appreciate each day because I am alive.  That’s The Secret (fabulous book, by the way)!

HOW: SHE-Selling is a platform I created.  The ‘SHE’ is an acronym for Selling Her Everyday.  One thing I have learned in life is that many people do not know how to sell, or market, themselves.  I change that.  On a daily basis I meet lovely ladies who are approaching graduation by months or only a few years.  I help them.  I review their resume.  I teach them how to introduce themselves.  I give them a proper handshake.  I coach them on their interview.  I mentor them in how to dress feminine and professional.  I give them life advice.  I listen.  I care.  I want to give them the best opportunity to be the most successful they can be.  And I do this through marketing.

WHEN: I will be Mrs. Louisiana International until January 2014.  But my efforts and community work will not stop there.  Pageantry allows me a platform and a microphone to call attention to the things I care about and support.  It is an icebreaker for me and all the things I hope to accomplish over my lifetime.  Though, I won’t deny I love the rhinestones and fabulous dresses!

WHERE: Everywhere, Louisiana!  I am a Louisiana lady: born, raised and educated here.  I love the bayous I see driving to and from home, sugar cane fields, the smell of magnolias, visiting plantations, swamp trees and Spanish moss, Mardi Gras season, the crazy Creole French accents we have, gumbo, and Louisiana traditions.  Louisiana is in my heart and it’s certainly home to me!

I have some amazing appearances set for this weekend, beginning with a viewing of the Nicholls State University Scholarship Night video viewing (featuring yours truly), a crowning ceremony for my dear friend Sandy Guidry who just became Mrs. Louisiana United States 2013, and the Mrs. Louisiana America 2013 pageant!  Somewhere in there I have a book review to do, a website to work on, and school things to tend to for Monday.  Where there’s a will there’s an A!

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In Search of the Good Life on the Good Earth.
“The communities need it. Young professionals are craving it. And we need to be a generation that carries on values while instituting new ways to make our communities great for future generations.”

Louisiana Entrepreneurship Fest to Feature Mrs. Louisiana International.  Press Release here.  

"Her Friday breakout session, slated for 10:10 a.m. and titled 'SHE-Selling: Selling Her/Him Every Day,' will provide attendees with an overview of personal selling and marketing skills that every entrepreneur should have."​
Say hello to Nicholls State University, featuring Laura Valenti - Mrs. Louisiana International 2013!
HYP Board President, Laura Valenti, being interviewed on HTV!